Hi, I'm Kevin, welcome to my page!


I am dynamic Ruby on Rails developer transitioning into team leadership, equipped with robust full-stack development skills and entrepreneurial experience. I am committed to integrating customer insights with strategic innovation to guide teams toward achieving excellence and a sustainable tomorrow. I am eager to lead, inspire and coach teams in roles that demand a blend of technical proficiency, team leadership, strategy, and a commitment to sustainability.

My goal is to shape a better, more sustainable future by leveraging technology and a customer-centric approach. I thrive on supporting remarkable visions that make a positive impact.

Browse through my portfolio to explore my diverse range of experience and get a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that can be achieved through my skills and expertise.

Recent posts

Cheatsheet “Deploy Empathy”

6 minute read

Hello everyone, I took some notes during reading “Deploy Empathy” by Michele Hansen. If you want to learn how to talk to customers to make great business dec...